Meet Our Assembly Partners

Stars Employment Program

At Prayer Packages, we believe in spreading love while making a significant impact on our communities. A passion of ours has always been giving back which is why we're so blessed to have found Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services, or simply STARS.

Free HugsSince 1973, STARS has provided exceptional services for individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities and their families from Scottsdale and throughout metro-Phoenix. STARS’ program provides paid employment opportunities in an ‘in-house setting’ all with the constant support of a full team of instructors there to coach them and encourage them.  During their experience, the participants have the unique opportunity of earning a paycheck, developing critical job skills, and gaining a greater sense of self-fulfillment while developing a sense of identity. The mission of STARS is to help participants develop job related skills while removing barriers to gaining and maintaining permanent employment.

We selected STARS because of their passion to provide site-based training to help participants work towards their individual goal with the STARS staff in order to progress towards vocational independence approapriate to his or her strengths.  

Shipphing BoxesEvery package is hand assembled to ensure your and God's love is felt by the recipient. We've had the pleasure of meeting your STARS assembly staff on several occasions and we couldn't be more proud of the work they do. Their charisma, love, and joy fill every package and contagiously make our days better as well, blessing us to be a part of it all. Take pride in knowing your gift not only touches the heart of your recipient but shines a light on the smiling faces of those putting your package together. If that doesn't make you happy, our STARS team is always standing by for free hugs!


About Stars

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