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Our Story

Our story begins in 2013 with our amazing COO & Co-Founder, Tiffany Black. At the time she had three co-workers lose loved ones in a matter of days. Tiffany being the caring and selfless woman she is asked them if there was anything she could do for them. Two of them, being atheists, shocked her in their response by saying “yes, can you pray for me?”

Giving HeartNow Tiffany knew her prayers would be heard and answered but like many of us, she felt led to do more and "sending funeral flowers just didn’t seem to fulfill that hole she felt in her heart. Her next steps were down to the Christian store to buy a sympathy card that wasn’t too invasive or "in your face" for a non-believer along with something for them to touch and hold onto, which was a pocket token and pocket cross.

It wasn’t immediate but when the time was right both the man and woman expressed how much these simple tokens and gestures meant to them. They keep them close to simply clutch onto them when that empty hole started to gape. It was in these moments that God affirmed our actions and pointed us down the path of making Prayer Packagesthe God loving and encouraging business we are today.

COO OfficeOur mission is to deliver keepsake gifts and services that encourage and celebrate family and friends. Each of our packages are uniquely and thoughtfully designed with “I Am” messaging, as though God were speaking directly to the recipient, making our greeting cards and keepsakes emanate with God’s love.

How We GiveWe believe in the importance of making each gift full of your heart and God's love; which is why we allow you to add a personal message and customize your gift for any occasion. We hope you enjoy your experience and pray your gift is received with as much love and fullfillment that we put into every package. To top it off, every purchase you make helps someone in need.



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Meet Our Team


Daniel E. Stratton Black

Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

There are several lessons learned from adolescence to adulthood. Besides reflection of these things along with working to better myself everyday, here are a few moving parts to my life. Sports, fitness, music, photography, and travel usually make their way to some part of my daily routine. Owning a business has been a dream of mine since youth. Being able to live out that dream in a way that truly blesses others and gives back to the community is one of the most rewarding aspects of Prayer Packages. I’ve often been told my demeanor is quiet but family and friends who know me well see my lively and humorous side most.




Tiffany N. Black

Chief Operating Officer | Co-Founder

My calling to Prayer Packages was certainly an orchestrated progression of Godly events. But here are a few charming particulars about my habitual existence. Being a fruit and Mexican food loving exercise addict comes naturally for me. I think I’m as rich as a woman could ever be because I married not only my best friend but a man of God who brought me to Christ. My family is loving and supportive beyond belief. My days are filled with God, belly laughs with my husband, a wiener dog’s loyalty and a cat’s sass, fun adventurous times, and the occasional thrift shopping with my mom. If that isn’t rich, I don’t know what is!






Director of Inspiration

Aven Stratton Black

Director of Inspiration

Director of Inspiration isn't a title I take lightly. I wake up every morning at 6am sharp - ready to attack the day ahead. As the sun shines through my window I put on a huge smile as my team enters my office and begin swarming me with hugs, kisses, and an abundance of love. The best part of my day is putting a smile on the faces of our team as we embark on our daily mission. Staying focused sometimes seems like the impossible. There's only so much a guy can do when the Zany Zoo is just sitting there begging to be played with. Nature and frequent lunch breaks typically consume most of my day - until bath time creeps up in the nick of time. Reading and snuggle time with our COO can't be missed either. (Sorry HR) Once 6pm rolls around, its back off to bed - till morning when I'll aspire to inspire us all again. :)