We know there's a story behind every giving occasion; whether its times of unforeseen greivance, get well wishes, or celebrating the joy of a new baby. During these occasions and others you want to give a gift that's from the heart. You pray your recipient feels your outpouring love and support come through in what you send. Subtle flowers say I'm thinking of you but they'll be gone by the next week. You feel like you want to do more; like your gift should mean something! A gift that says, "I am with you in this journey."

IconAt Prayer Packages, our gifts are made with your heart and God's love in mind. Along with a charming keepsake of your choice, every package contains one of our signature items that embellish an inspirational message to ensure your recipient feels your heart pour through. With your help, let's bring back the joy of gift giving.

There are several Godly events that lead us to create the packages in our storefront, the most prominent factor being you the consumer. After our initial launch back in 2014, we gained a considerable amount of knowledge on a direction to make the perfect gift company; something that spreads your heart and God's love. We started out getting feedback from our first 100 customers simply asking them what they looked for in a gift; the most consistent answer being something from the heart. During times of sorrow and sympathy, they all wanted to feel like the gift they received was unlike anything else. Although a gift could never bring back the person they'd lost, receiving a Prayer Package had a way of  "bridging the gap."  We have a dedicated team that strives to put the consumers best interest at hand with the goal in mind of creating an unparralled gift experience.

Shipping BoxesOf course, when sending a gift, you want your recipient to feel your love pour through when they open their gift - at Prayer Packages, that's our focus exactly. Along with an inspirational keepsake of your choice, each package contains a heartfelt signature gift - created by us to ensure God's love is felt in each package. Every signature item is designed with "I AM" messaging as though God were speaking directly to the recipient. This allows your gift to not only wow your recipient but also speak life into them. Whether its our adorning greeting card, charming prayer token, or our eye-catching wristband, you can trust that each heartfelt package will certainly be treasured. With daily encouragement composed in each gift, your package is sure to embody the perfect loving statement!

Our focus is building a business that continues to spread your love for the long haul. Although we're considered a new startup, we've worked to create a sustainable business in all its aspects. We attempt to minimize our environmental impact, working with many of our manufacturers to use sustainable or recycled materials when possible. Our packaging material is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable making it an environmentally friendly alternative to other packaging materials. Our shipping boxes are made in the U.S.A. and we take pride in knowing they too are 100% recyclable. We're building relationships with non-profit organizations and donate 10% off all proceeds to our Giving Partner, Joni & Friends.

Our TeamGiving is what we're all about - giving encouragement, giving love, and of course giving back. As we enter a new stage of business, we'll remain focused on our commitment of sustainability and giving. We'll never stop working to provide an unparalled shopping experience to our customers, celebrating His love, and supporting our community. We believe the future is bright for not only Prayer Packages, but the body of Christ as a whole. Thank you for visiting our storefront. We hope you enjoy your experience.