New Family

People often say "Cherish every moment," to soon-to-be-parents. However, actually doing it - enjoying every moment to the fullest as a new parent - is something that takes a daily conscious effort to achieve. During these first 2 months of Aven's life I'm grateful God gave me these 5 simple moments to learn to sincerely cherish. I hope all existing, new and hopeful parents would have the opportunity to cherish some of them as well...

Aven1. The first night(s) in the hospital. Oh the annoyance of being poked, prodded and bothered every hour by was completely drowned out with every moment I got to have Aven skin-to-skin or simply next to me in the bassinet as I couldn't stop staring at him, thinking this is really my son. 
2. Feeding time = no cell phone, period. No texts, certainly no social media, no emails or phone calls. Whatever it is, it can wait 30 minutes while I cherish this intimate time with Aven. I sometimes use this time to see if I can find a changed feature on him that wasn't that way the last time I checked. And then there's waking during the wee hours of the night to feed him. It's certainly had its times that have left me exhausted, but the peacefulness, of just the two of us, awake at night as I snuggle him close to me is something I continuously relish.
3. He is only this little once. Never again will he need me like he needs me now. That means I'm taking extra time off work to bask in mommyhood. No matter the sacrifice (sanity, finances, skipping those non-kid friendly activities) God has blessed me with this opportunity to be a mother, so every day I make sure to at least do one thing - as small as it may be - that will be memorable, educational, fun, exciting, different, etc. with Aven. As not to take for granted this once in a lifetime opportunity. 
Aven 2
4. When packing what feels like almost the entire house for a simple outing to get some mayonnaise from the grocery store I smile and enjoy the moment because Aven is teaching me how to slow down and live for God's necessities.
5. I never thought it would literally feel like Aven was an extension of me. I thought - he's his own person so he'll need me as his mom to provide for him but I will feel like regular ol' me. Wrong! If I'm away from him for even 30 minutes it's as if I've left a whole piece of me behind. Or for a modernized pre-parenthood equivalent, as if you left the house without your cell phone, but times 1,000 - lol.

all photos courtesy of @babywhispereraz